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Side Hustle ideas you can do from home in 2021

The idea of Simple with Money is to earn enough money to live off of passive income forever. A.k.a. living  financially free. To live financially free you need money to work for you and make you income. Money makes money, so the more you can put in your investments to make more money, the faster you are financially free. Here are some ideas in different categories to make more money.

Renting out stuff

  • Rent out a room or your house on Airbnb.
  • Get a roommate.
  • Rent out your car on a car lending platform.
  • Rent out your ladder, drill land hammer.
  • Rent out anything people are willing to pay you for.

Second job from your computer

  • Print on demand shop. For inspiration follow Wholesale Ted on Youtube.
  • Start a dropshipping webshop.
  • Create an online course and sell it.
  • Start a YouTube Channel and generate income through ads, sponsorship and affiliate marketing.
  • Create a blog for the same benefits.
  • Create a podcast for the same benefits.
  • Translate texts.
  • Hire yourself as a personal assistant.
  • Fill out online surveys.
  • Offer coaching or consulting.

Part time job ideas

  • Be a cohost to someone on AirBnB with no time to check in and clean.
  • Become an Uberdriver.
  • Become a local guide in your area.
  • Hire yourself as a babysitter.
  • Hire yourself as a pet sitter.
  • Hire yourself as a house sitter.
  • Become a dog walker.
  • Sell your creative work on Etsy.
  • Go mystery shopping.
  • Clean houses or do maintenance on house or garden.
  • Teach music if you play an instrument or know how to sing or DJ.


  • Isolate your house and put solar panels on the roof
  • Put your money in an ETF.
  • Sell unused stuff.
  • Negotiate your salary.
  • Flipping. Flipping is buying something cheap and selling it at a profit. Either car flipping, house flipping, LP flipping, designer handbag flipping, thrift store flipping, book flipping. Anything you can get your hands on cheap and know how to sell at a profit.
  • Get a library subscription and read all the books on finance, economy, investing and the stock market.
  • Build a vegetable garden and grow your own food (great hobby!).
  • Consider peer to peer lending.

Allright, I know they won’t all be suitable to you. They are not all suitable to me either. Also the list is far from complete. I still hope I gave you some inspiration on ways to make money. Let me know if you are making money on the side and how you do it. Let’s learn from each other!

Till next time,


I am not a Financial advisor nor am I YOUR financial advisor. I am not a trained financial professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.