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How to read more books. My tips.

Do you want to read more books? I don’t know anyone who says: “I wish I had read less”. Or even: “I read enough books”. Most people want to read more than they do. Getting to read more and finding time for it is a different story. I always want to read more books. even though I allready read quite a lot.

Do you want to read more books just like I do? Then read along and use my tips to read more.

Subscribe to the library.

This way you can get all the books that you find interesting. Because you have to return them, you tend to read a little longer and more often (at least I do). After all, the books must be returned on time. This way you also read books that you might not otherwise buy. Your subscription is valid anyway and the amount of books you can borrow is quite high. Sometimes there is a gem that is really beautiful or good, but the book was not promoted or at the top of the best seller list.

Listen to audiobooks.

This way you can listen to a novel but also informative books. More than half of what you see in my dear diary series of audiobooks was listened to on the way to work. I listen to an audiobook every morning on the way to work. Now I have a fairly long commute of about 50 minutes one way, so I get through them pretty fast. The audiobooks that I listen to on the road can all be listened to via the same library subscription.

The library catalog is very extensive, but I also like to listen to English bestsellers. These are often not included as books or audiobooks. During cleaning, I look for one that is available on YouTube. That takes a lot of mobile data if I do it in the car, but at home it is of course no problem via the WiFi. You will be surprised how many audiobooks can be listened to for free on YouTube. You could of course download a special audiobook app. This often involves monthly costs.

Make it a habit to read.

I almost always read a few pages at night before going to sleep. If I am still busy in my head, reading will prevent me from thinking about it. I notice that it makes me sleep well. Win-win! On my days off, I often read half an hour before I get up. When the weather is nice, I also read in the garden. All in all, I have quite a few reading moments.

Read fun and interesting books.

If you don’t enjoy a movie or series, then you stop watching. You might give it one more episode or until the next commercial break. If it still doesn’t work then you go to something else. Strangely enough, this is often different with books. Then you commit yourself to read the book even if it is impossible to get through. Can’t get through? Put it away. A book is made to serve you, not the other way around! If the book doesn’t serve you then you don’t finish it.

Read more than 1 book at a time.

Put a book on the couch, one on the bedside table, one in your bag on the go. Have an audiobook ready on your phone and one on your laptop. Make it easy to read. Alternate different genres. If you read two fiction books, you can easily get confused. For example, read a book about investing, a philosophy book and a novel. You can continue in the book that you are most looking forward to at that moment. When you go through a book slowly but want to read it, you don’t have to read it before you start a new one. You can just read another book in the meantime.

Keep a reading list.

With every book I read, there are usually 2 to 4 books that I also want to read. I keep a list of books I still want to read. This list is getting longer instead of shorter the more books I read. It doesn’t matter. I can go to the library’s online catalog and look up books I would like to read. I make a reservation on the ones available. What I can’t find I look up as an audiobook on Youtube.

Learn to read faster.

Point the line with your finger. Your eyes follow your finger better, which increases your reading speed. Also eliminate the inner voice reading to you. You can read much faster if you don’t use your inner reading voice. This does take practice. More tips here.


You probably notice that, despite reading a lot, I spend very money little on books. This has a number of advantages. First, I save a lot of money without reading fewer books. Second, because I borrow a lot of books from the library, I have a fairly empty bookshelf. It remains neat and tidy and clear. I don’t feel guilty if I haven’t read a book. I haven’t paid for it anyway. Third, this is also better for the environment. Fewer books needed because the same book is read for many different people. And lastly it also sponsors the local library.

A disadvantage is that some books cannot be found in the library nor as an audiobook online. If it’s a good book I’ll miss it and it’s a pity. One solution could be to make an exception for such books and buy them anyway, or to ask for books or gift cards for my birthday. Of course you can also buy used books. And then resell again;)

Do you also like to read? And do you have any books that you think I absolutely should have read? Let me know!

Untill next time,