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Dear Diary,

February 2021.

In the Dear Diary series I recap on what I did, read, spent and so on in the past month.

In terms of weather, February was extreme. I was ice skating on the lake, together with thousands of other people who enjoyed the winter weather. Just a week later it was so sunny and warm you could go outside without a jacket! I enjoyed it with walks in nature with friends. I almost forgot we were skating and making snowman just 7 days prior. Both extremes were fun for free except some gas to drive to the lake.

Also the 14th was Valentines. Since lockdown we had nowhere to go on a date so we made a date night at home. It included picking up food from our favorite restaurant, a lot of candles and nice music on the background. We both dressed up as if we would to go to a really fancy restaurant. It was awesome.

I read ‘Everything is F*cked, a book about hope’ by Mark Manson. It was way harder to read than the other book I read last month and I only got halfway until the library wanted it back. I will borrow it again to read the rest.

Then I read Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. It has some controversial ideas. It’s basically a book full of arguments why we should give everybody free money. A full book review on it here (link).

For audiobooks I listened to Il sogno della machina da cucire by Bianca Pitzorno. The dutch translation that is… (De stof in haar handen). My Italian is not that great 😉 it was a nice historical fiction about a young woman fighting for her own independence in a world dominated by men. I enjoyed it while gardening.

Spending was on point this month, except a dentist bill that threw a spanner in the works. Also I went to the construction market three times but it stayed under 200 in total. Not bad for the construction market. We all know that adds up very quickly.

And the most exciting thing happened! I bought a worm hotel! Yes you read that correctly. I am the type of person that gets thrilled over a worm hotel! Before I held my worms in a stack of buckets with holes in them but I wanted to provide them with something better, and easier to handle for me too. The top will be full of flowers, I’ll update on that next month.

My love for gardening makes me want to add a new category to the dear diaries series. From now on I like to add a ‘What’s happening in the garden?’ I love growing my own fruits and vegetables. In wintertime there is not so much to do but as we approach march and had a couple of sunny days, I get excited to go gardening again.

My Cavolo nero and Swiss chard are thriving and have survived wintertime. Strawberry is getting back from hibernation and my garlic is doing hella fine. Rest of the garden is still empty or in hibernation.

How was your February?

Till next time,


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