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Do It Yourself

DIY or Do It Yourself has become know for the crafty things you make yourself. Usually it is used for crafts and home-made interior design. Today I write about DIY as a lifestyle. Think of all the things you could do at home and then do them yourself. In many circumstances this saves money and if you did something yourself you feel proud and satisfied.

While you get more comfortable and skilled to do things yourself, you become less and less dependent on others and money. Independence and endeavor in itself. On my journey to do it myself I had a lot of help from YouTube and the internet. If I still can’t do it, I ask friends or family. Be amazed at all the things you are able to do yourself! A few examples: paint walls, frames and doors, chores and maintenance, assemble furniture, wallpaper, gardening, cooking, manage your finances, manicure, cut your own/spouses hair, repairs on bike or car and so on.

Jackson is tired thinking of DIY-ing alone.

With everything you do there is a learning curve. The first time you do something yourself may fail or turn out mediocre. Next time will be better and the more you do something, the better you become. The gained self-esteem makes room for even more projects. I didn’t know how to fit my own curtains, but it turned out not to be too difficult. When I got the hang of it I fitted my own roller blinds as well.

For the fitted curtains I would pay about 200 per window. I have three windows that need curtains. Total costs: 600 euros. The curtains I got that were too long and other expenses like rails and hangers all combined costs me 45 per window. 135 in total. By doing it myself I saved 465 euros and it took me about six hours to do it myself (!). 435 euros for 6 hours totals 77,50 per hour. Not bad!

Also I plastered the living room walls (with some help :D), painted everything that needed new paints, cook my own food almost always, cut my own hair, do my own nails, fill up the oil in the car and so on. It saved me thousands of euros along the way and I learned so much.

Yes this needs some plastering.

Some things I don’t do myself. For example when I have a flat tire, I go to the bike repair shop. It will cost me 5 euros and if I do it myself it will cost me about 2. It will cost me at least an hour to reapir myself since I don’t know how to do it. Maybe it is lazy but the 3 euros I love spending on it. And a free walk to the repair shop is included.

What do you do yourself?

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