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Rising inflation, time to panic sell!

This week, I lost 15% of my investment gains in a week due to the news on rising inflation. HELP ME! SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!


Last March, during the corona dip, the stock exchange fell by at least 25%. After that, investors have been celebrating heydays since last summer. Almost all sectors are on the rise and the economy seems to be gaining momentum. This week that all changed. Due to the expected inflation of 2.1% in America, the stock markets have dipped considerably this week. This is because higher inflation often results in higher interest rates. Fewer people and companies take out loans because you pay more interest on them. That slows down economic growth.

So much has happened in the past months that this dip that the newspapers are now full of is actually not that important at all. If there is news that has an impact on investments, you will always see it enlarged in the figures. When the news is good, the figures shoot into the green and when the news is bad, the figures fall sharply.

I just lost 15%

Since March 2019 I have been investing in index funds with degiro. In the more than two years that I have invested there, I have been able to achieve good results. Of the profit I have made in the past two years, at least 15% has evaporated in a few days. I’m not worried about it. Since the beginning of this year I in fact gained on 60% profit.

I do not worry about this because I know that the balance will be restored and that I am not at a loss. AlsoI invest for the long term and well diversified. So I don’t have sleepless nights and sweaty bouts with this kind of dip. If a company, sector or country goes down, the other investments in the index will absorb the dip. In the long term of about 20 years, such a dip is faded easily.

don't panic sell over rising inflation!
Just fly high over the dip

Don’t lose a night of sleep

Do you want to achieve a good return but no sleepless nights? Then I can wholeheartedly recommend that you invest a fixed amount in an index fund every month. By investing every month you sometimes buy your shares expensive, other times cheaply. Ultimately, you buy at the average price. This principle is called dollar cost averaging. Do this every month, preferably automatically. After a few years you have a considerable return and after 20 years there is a good chance that you have built up a lot of capital. Make sure you only do this with money that you really don’t need in the first years, otherwise you will still have sleepless nights. Do not panic sell!

If you invest 100 euros every month and on average you have a return of about 8% (which is historically average) then that could be worth about 65,000 euros after 20 years. Your deposit 24,000 of your earned euros, and for the remaining 41,000 you don’t have to do anything other then set and forget. Just 100 euros every month. So get rich while sleeping, instead of sleepless nights. Ha!

Do you want to know what my portfolio looks like? Then read the post about my investment strategy.

Are you nervous about a dip in the market? How do you deal with this? Let me know!

Until next time!


I am not a Financial advisor nor am I your financial advisor. I am not a trained financial professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

DeGiro Commission free list is new!

Note: I am trading at DeGiro on the Dutch website. On the Dutch website, the commission free ETF list is updated. On the English website, this is not (yet) done. DeGiro is a Dutch broker. I didn’t verify but assume they will roll out the updated version of the Free ETF selection in other countries soon. Back to the article.

Good news. DeGiro Commission free ETF list has been renewed. There are a number of ETFs removed that were not popular and a number of ETFs were added that are popular. There is also a new page where you can easily search and filter through the list.

What is DeGiro Commission free ETF list?

DeGiro offers stocks, ETFs, leveraged products, mutual funds, bonds, options and futures. To trade these you pay transaction costs and service costs. This is normal and happens at every broker and bank where you trade in these products.

DeGiro Commission free ETF list is a selection of no less than 200 ETFs (Exchange traded funds) that can be traded once per calendar month without transaction costs. You can therefore buy or sell the products from the list for free on the basis of fair use policy. You only pay the TER (Total Expense Ratio). These costs differ per product and are usually between 0.1% and 1%.

Note: some ETFs are listed on multiple exchanges. You can then, for example, choose to buy the same ETF via Euronext Amterdam or via Xetra. Sometimes the ETF is in the commission free list through one party, but not through the other.

What has changed in DeGiro Commission free ETF list?

A number of ETFs have been added which are popular with DeGiro investors. There are also a couple removed that were no longer popular. Did you regularly buy an ETF from the core selection and does it go off the list? They will remain commission-free until May 14 (in the Netherlands). Use it to your advantage.

So what makes me very happy is the amount of ETFs with a high ESG rating (Environmental, Social and Governance). Previously, I looked for ETFs with a high ESG score, but was unable to find them. That could have been me though. Now there are more and they can be found very easily. The new page where you can easily search and filter through the list, you can also click whether you think such a high score is important. Then the list is shown. Super nice!

What does the new page look like?

In Dutch, will update when available.

For the link to the new list click here.

You can filter on a number of things.

  • The expense ratio is the percentage you pay per year to own this ETF. You can filter on the percentage with this tool.
  • Then you can select the region. For example, if you think that economic growth is mainly in Asia or Europe, you can select it.
  • The ESG rating measures a company’s resilience to long-term, industry material environmental, social and governance risk. These range from leader (AAA, AA), average, (A, BBB, BB) to laggard (B, CCC, etc.)
  • In addition, you can select the stock exchange or search for your desired ETF in the search bar by name, abbreviation or tracking code.

If I click on the AAA and AA for the ESG rating, I get no less than 44 different ETFs that are leaders according to the ESG rating. If I also want to pay less than 0.2% TER, I still have 12 left. Now I no longer have to look this up separately for each ETF, but can filter them out.

Do I want to know more about a particular ETF? Then I just have to click on the link provided. Then a PDF opens with all relevant information about the ETF.


All in all, I think the core selection, especially the selection and the clear ESG rating, offers a much better user experience. This way you can easily select what is important to you. What do you think of the core selection? Do you also invest with the Giro? I wonder if you are also consciously working on this ESG score!

Until next time!


I am not a Financial advisor nor am I YOUR financial advisor. I am not a trained financial professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.