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About Me

This is me

Hi! My name is Elske.

I am intrigued by financial independence and the freedom that money can provide. Also I like to retire early. Wouldn’t that be great!

I like talking about money and minimalism, reading books and blogs about it, listening to podcasts and audiobooks about it and so on. Also I like to help people with it. There is one little problem there. Most people don’t like to talk about money. Or minimalism for that matter. Certainly nobody wants advice on how to spend/save money or how to get rid of things and live with less.

So I create this blog for the people who do want to talk about it. Hopefully we can grow a nice little community together.

Will you go on a journey with me?


Nothing about these cats is minimalist or a financially good decision. I just love them 🙂

I am not a Financial advisor nor am I YOUR financial advisor. I am not a trained financial professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.