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How can I buy Gamestop GME outside of the US.

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How can I buy Gamestop GME outside of the US.


If you are interested in stocks or finances or if you read the news, you probably heard about Gamestop. I bought GameStop, BlackBerry and AMC Entertainment Holdings stocks. Here is how:


I allready have an account at DeGiro. It’s a low fee broker. The individual stocks require another knowledge test, and i had to take it before i was able to buy the stocks.

After succesfully taking the test, I’m ready. Buying it works the same as buying any other stock or EFT in DeGiro. And it is not blocked.

Open to the following countries:

·  Austria

·  Belgium

·  Czech Republic

·  Denmark

·  Finland

·  France

·  Germany

·  Greece

·  Hungary

·  Ireland

·  Italy

·  Netherlands

·  Norway

·  Poland

·  Portugal

·  Spain

·  Sweden

·  Switzerland

·  United Kingdom


To difersify I also made an account at TradeZero. This can be done worlswide. It took some time but it’s easy to follow the steps. Also the 24/7 chat function works pretty good! I had some trouble transferring money to my account and asked the chat for help. After a little while (They are probably very busy with all the new accounts opening) a real live person was helping me out.

Transferring from the EU to US takes up to 3 days, i will keep you updated when I am able to buy the stocks.


Here is something i like you to think about: Don’t ever NEVER EVER invest money that you don’t have or that you need in the near future. You might lose all or parts of your investments. Invest only in things you are well informed about.

Here is a suggestion on what to do with your money:

Money you need in the next month –> Checking account

Emergency fund of about 3-6 months of expenses –> Savings account

Money you expect to need in the next year or so (i.a. car, holiday, home improvement) –> Savings account

Everything that is left over and you don’t need in the foreseeable future –> Invest it!

80% in large cap indexfunds

10% in bonds or other more conservative ways of investing

10% to play aroound with (crypto/Gamestop/other high speculative things)

Good luck investing!!

Till next time,


I am not a Financial advisor nor am I YOUR financial advisor. I am not a trained financial professional. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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