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Benefits of minimalism

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Benefits of minimalism

Minimalism is only keeping the things in your life that add value to you. The term is usually used for stuff. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, only hang wall art that you enjoy looking at. Do not put down furniture just to fill the space and keep your cupboards in the kitchen as empty as possible so that everything is clear and easily accessible. Minimalism also refers to things that are not materialistic such as friendships, how you organize your time and what projects you work on. If you are a minimalist you think about this very consciously and you only choose those things that you really value and that you find important.

Stark white walls with a hint of pastel

Search minimalism on pinterest and you will see all white with beige and soft colors very empty and tidy houses. Usually with a plant in the corner. Minimalism doesn’t have to be that, of course. The things, people and projects in your life can give life a lot more color than white with a pastel tint. What I want you to think about today are some of the benefits that minimalism brings.

A dash of color on the white wall 😉


  • By having less stuff, cleaning and keeping tidy is much easier. If your cupboards are full of decorations and knick-knacks, dusting the cupboard is a time-consuming task. If there is nothing or just one thing on it, cleaning will go much faster. This also applies to the wardrobe and kitchen cupboards, where you can find things more easily and keep them neat and organized.
  • If you have less stuff, you take better care of it. If you have a few extra of something, you may be reckless with your stuff. Do you only have one? Then there is a good chance that you will be more economical with your belongings.
  • Because you have an overview, you are less tempted to buy more. You can see at a glance that you have enough of something.
  • You spend less time looking for your stuff. If it is a mess, you are often looking for where you left things. If you have much less stuff, you will notice if something is not in its place and you will find it faster.
  • Your things get their own ‘home’. Every thing in your house should have a fixed place where that thing lives. Then you always know where it is and that nothing else can stand there either. Cleaning up is much faster if you put things back where they belong without having to make up or clear a place for them first.
  • You get more free time because less time is spent on clearing, cleaning, repairing, washing and replacing your stuff.
  • Buying less stuff is good for the environment. To get stuff to your house, raw materials must first be extracted from the environment, it must be made, packed, transported and then you can enjoy the thing. Until you don’t and then it becomes waste. This has to be removed, transported and recycled. Or it has to be transported to the landfill. Less stuff means less environmental impact.
  • By buying less stuff you have money left over, and you can put that money to work for you by investing it. Your money works for you instead of the other way around. So you are freer. Who would not want that.
  • Because you have less stuff and use it economically, you can buy better quality stuff when it needs to be replaced.
  • Because you have less stuff, you don’t need a bigger house or storage. Saves money again! A large house is not only more expensive to rent or purchase. It is also more expensive to maintain, requires more paint, more furniture, more energy, more vacuuming, more dusting, etc. By living less large, you save on all these things.


Do you see the connection? All these things will save you more time or more money. Minimalism creates tranquillity. Money buys time and time buys freedom. Because you spend less time searching, tidying up, organizing, cleaning, maintaining and working, you suddenly have much more time for the things that are important to you.

What those things are is very personal. The Minimalists have a weekly podcast on the subject for inspiration. You can think of spending time with yourself, with your loved one, friends and family. You also have more time for hobbies, to learn something you always wanted to learn or to get enough sleep, make healthier meals and exercise, for example. And these last three things make you feel energetic and you have more energy for the things that are important to you. Such as, for example, time with your loved one, friends or family or to learn something new. I only see benefits. The vicious circle is turning in the right direction!
Are you now also motivated to minimize?

Until next time!

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